Refereed Publications

Magazine Articles & Invited Papers

  • “Understanding the Security Implications of Kubernetes Networking” Francesco Minna, Agathe Blaise, Filippo Rebecchi, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, and Fabio Massacci IEEE Security & Privacy September/October 2021
  • “An End-to-End View of DNSSEC Ecosystem Management” Taejoong Chung, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, David Choffnes, Dave Levin, Bruce M. Maggs, Alan Mislove, and Christo Wilson ;login: Winter 2017, Vol. 42, No. 4 2017
  • “A Universal Approach to Data Center Network Design” Aditya Akella, Theophilus Benson, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Cheng Huang, Bruce Maggs, and David Maltz In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN) [ Invited Paper ] January 2015

Technical Reports

  • “On the geography of X-Connects” Reza Motamedi, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Reza Rejaie, Bruce Maggs, and Walter Willinger Oregon University, Technical Report CIS-TR-2014-1 May 2015
  • “Alidade: IP Geolocation without Active Probing” Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Mingru Bai, Michael Schoenfield, Arthur Berger, Nicole Caruso, George Economou, Stephen Gilliss, Bruce Maggs, Kyle Moses, David Duff, Keung-Chi Ng, Emin Gün Sirer, Richard Weber, and Bernard Wong Duke University, Technical Report CS-TR-2015-001 January 2015